April 18, 2024

Tokyo Revengers (Uncensored) Episode 4 English Subbed

Tokyo Revengers (Uncensored) Episode 4 English Subbed

Tokyo Revengers (Uncensored) English Subbed

Episode Title :- Return

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Episode Summary

In the present, Takemichi finds a way to contact Atsushi, a friend of his from middle school, and finds that Atsushi is now one of the higher-ups in Toman. They meet up and speak on the rooftop of the host club Atsushi is now running, whereupon he confesses that he was the one who pushed Takemichi in front of the train, and that he knows about Takemichi’s ability to travel through time. He then reveals that Draken is dead and that Mikey has disappeared and nobody has seen or heard from him in years. He begs Takemichi to use his ability to save everyone before committing suicide by jumping off the rooftop. A distraught Takemichi vows to save not just Hinata, but Atsushi and everybody else as well.

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