July 14, 2024

Tokyo Revengers (Uncensored) Episode 5 English Subbed

Tokyo Revengers (Uncensored) Episode 5 English Subbed

Tokyo Revengers (Uncensored) English Subbed

Episode Title :- Releap

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Episode Summary

Present Takemichi is fired from his job due to missing two weeks of work. Later, Naoto tells him that Draken was killed in a fight resulting from an altercation between him and Mikey, and that the key to saving Hinata and Atsushi is to prevent Draken from dying, to which Takemichi agrees. He travels back into the past to find himself in a karaoke room with a half-naked girl on top of him. He panics and leaves. He later attends a Toman gathering that Draken had invited him to, with Hinata accompanying him. Also in attendance is Emma, the girl from the karaoke room. Mikey declares that Toman will fight Moebius, a rival gang, on August 3rd – the day Draken is set to die. Takemichi offers to become Draken’s bodyguard, but the latter declines. Takemichi follows Draken and Mikey to a hospital where they apologize to the mourning parents of a girl who is in a coma after being raped and beaten by the leader of Moebius. Takemichi concludes that he now understands why Mikey changed so much after Draken’s death, but has difficulty believing that they would ever fight.

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