May 17, 2024

86 2nd Season Episode 10 English Dubbed

86 2nd Season Episode 10 English Dubbed

86 2nd Season English Dubbed

Episode Title :- All That’s Left

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Episode Summary

Shin and his friends continue their pursuit of Morpho, but are continually hampered by Legion reinforcements. Anju, Theoto, and Kurena elect to stay behind to delay the Legion or provide long range support, while Raiden is wounded protecting Frederica. Shin orders Frederica to stay with Fido while he confronts Kiriya alone. Shin manages to hold his own against Kiriya, but his cannon is damaged, leaving him with only a single shot, and Morpho’s capabilities make it so Shin has trouble getting into close range with Kiriya. However, Shin is assisted by long range missile fire from an unknown source, damaging the Morpho and distracting Kiriya. Kiriya is further distracted when Frederica arrives on the battlefield, begging him to stop. Kiriya however is still too consumed with rage, so Frederica points a gun at herself. Shocked, Kiriya moves to stop Frederica, giving Shin the opening he needs to get into point blank range of the Morpho and destroy Kiriya’s core. Frederica then has a vision of Kiriya entrusting her care to Shin before being escorted to the afterlife by Shourei. Back in reality, Kiriya’s death causes Morpho’s self destruct to activate and it explodes with both Shin and Frederica still in the blast radius.

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