June 23, 2024

86 2nd Season Episode 3 English Dubbed

86 2nd Season Episode 3 English Dubbed

86 2nd Season English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Glad to Be Here

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Episode Summary

Thanks to their experience, Shin and his friends manage to pass officer training and are assigned to the Nordlicht Squadron under the command of Lt. Colonel Grethe Wenzel. Grethe takes Shin and his friends to a location recently reclaimed by the Federacy, where they have recovered their wrecked Juggernauts and erected a memorial dedicated to all of the names Shin had gathered. Grethe also reveals that when they recovered Fido’s wreckage, they found its core still intact so they built it a new body. Frederica joins the unit as well as their official mascot, and she returns Shin’s handgun to him. Shin and Nordlicht soon begin assisting the Federacy forces by piloting the Reginleif mechs, based on the Juggernaut design. During the fighting, Shin reunites with Eugene, another Federacy officer who he befriended before signing up who joined the army to make a better life for his sister. However, after a Legion attack, Shin comes across a mortally wounded Eugene and is forced to mercy kill him. Afterwards, Shin receives word that the battle is going poorly and to prepare for yet another Legion attack.

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