April 23, 2024

86 2nd Season Episode 5 English Dubbed

86 2nd Season Episode 5 English Dubbed

86 2nd Season English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Even So

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Episode Summary

The Legion begins a simultaneous offensive against the Federacy, Republic, and other allied nations with massive numbers never seen before. The Federacy’s defense lines come close to being overun, but a quick deployment and counterattack by Nordlicht squadron manages to slow them down long enough for Federacy lines to reinforce and stabilize. Shin the goes on the offensive against the Legion, destroying countless Legion units on his own. Frederica has a vision and witnesses Shin taking pleasure in the fighting, reminding her of Kiri’s fall to madness. She also witnesses the Republic’s defenses collapsing under a major Legion assault. Eventually, the Legion withdraws from the Federacy and Frederica warns Shin about his similarity to Kiri. Meanwhile, in the Republic, word of the Legion breakthrough reaches HQ, so Lena’s uncle agrees to try and hold off the Legion long enough for Lena to rally the 86s to close the breach. Using an upgraded Para-RAID, Lena connects herself to every 86 pilot simultaneously. Back in the Federacy, Frederica informs Shin and his friends about the dire state the Republic is in when both Shin and Frederica sense Kiri is about to bombard their base.

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