May 29, 2024

86 2nd Season Episode 8 English Dubbed

86 2nd Season Episode 8 English Dubbed

86 2nd Season English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Stay This Way Forever

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Episode Summary

As the Nachzehrer nears the Morpho, it comes under anti-air attack, forcing Nordlicht to airdrop while the Nachzehrer pulls away to distract the Legion’s air defenses. Nordlicht then fights its way through the Legion defenders and approaches the Morpho, only for Shin to realize at the last second that the damaged Morpho is bait to lure them into the range of a second Morpho gun controlled directly by Kiriya. Nordlicht is narrowly able to avoid the Morpho’s shot and retaliate. Shin falls back into his battle lust, and is only knocked out of it when Kurena is forced to fire on him. With the element of surprise lost, Kiriya is ordered by his superior “No-Face” to withdraw. Shin and his friends decide to pursue Kiriya while the rest of Nordlicht stays behind to hold back the Legion reinforcements. Meanwhile, as the main Federacy force advances, they manage to recover Grethe and the Nordlicht survivors, but cannot provide any support to Shin. As Shin and his friends take a break, they discover that Frederica has stowed away in Fido’s cargo trailer. While they are angry at her coming along with them, they have no choice but to bring her along with their pursuit of Kiriya.

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