June 19, 2024

86 2nd Season Episode 4 English Subbed

86 2nd Season Episode 4 English Subbed

Episode Title :- Welcome Back

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Episode Summary

With Federacy analysts predicting a massive Legion offensive, the Federacy military decides to reorginize its forces in order to prepare for the attack. Grethe takes the opportunity to reunite Shin and Nordlicht Squadron, who had been previously split up to assist other units. Grethe briefs Nordlicht about the coming Legion attack, as well as the discovery of several surviving countries, but they still haven’t gotten any response from the Republic. Shin submits his comments about the Reginleif’s performance as well his own warning of the Legion attack, though Grethe is skeptical about the number of Legion he is describing. Frederica visits Shin and tells him more about Kiriya, who was part of the Nouzen clan and is Shin’s distant relative. She reveals that after the Empire declared war on its neighbors, the people rebelled against the royal family. Since the Legions were not designed to combat domestic rebellion, the royal family was forced to rely on their personal guard, and Kiriya eventually went insane trying to fight off the rebel army. Eventually, Ernst was able to capture Frederica and faked her death. Believing Frederica was dead, Kiriya allowed himself to be taken by the Legion. Frederica then cautions Shin that he should seriously think about his future, which reminds him of Lena. Meanwhile, in the Republic, Lena continues preparing for the Legion attack, but it is shown that her unit has taken significant losses.

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