June 18, 2024

86 2nd Season Episode 1 English Dubbed

86 2nd Season Episode 1 English Dubbed

86 2nd Season English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Welcome

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Episode Summary

Several weeks after Shin and his friends have gone missing, Lena has been demoted from commanding Spearhead and is in charge of conventional 86 unit, led by Cyclops. However, she is still the military’s top performing Handler, and she uses her reputation as leverage to secure more resources and benefits for her troops, as well as gain a cadre of officers loyal to her. Meanwhile, Shin wakes up from his dying dream to find him and his friends in the custody of the Federacy of Giad, the successor nation to the Empire of Giad after it was toppled in a rebellion. They are greeted by Ernst Zimerman, the provisional president of the Federacy who reveals that they were rescued from Legion custody and promises they will be treated as guests. After a month of isolation, Ernst grants Shin and his friends Federacy citizenship and allows them to live in his home, where they are introduced to Frederica Rosenfort, a young girl in his care. After a brief introduction and dinner, Shin and his friends decide to go to bed. Ernst begins to wonder whether he’s doing the right thing, and it’s revealed Frederica is actually the Empress of the former Giad Empire. In his room, Shin is troubled when Ernst returns the tag he had carved in Shourei’s memory.

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